Macca’s gets a big Coeliac Tick


As Featured in the Lower Hunter Star (23.03.2018) & The Newcastle Herald (21.03.2018) Maitland food court, Greta, Rutherford and Singleton McDonald's restaurants have accredited by Coeliac Australia McDonald's Maitland Food Court has become Australia’s first food court business to be accredited by Coeliac Australia. People living with coeliac disease can’t eat gluten - a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and oats. One in 70 Australians suffer the condition and approximately 80 per cent of people are undiagnosed. The Stockland Green Hills food court store, along with McDonalds restaurants in Rutherford, Singleton and Greta, offer a gluten free menu recently accredited by Coeliac Australia. Accredited food outlets must comply with the gluten Free Standard for the Australian Food Service Sector and have successfully completed [...]