Bees Nees Early Learning (Branxton)


McKeough Group would like to Thank Bees Nees Early Learning for your warm welcome this week to introduce our Reading Program for 2019. The children had a great experience and were extremely happy with their gifts (book mark, wristband and pencil) and books donated on our departure. Amy and Amanda have formed a great relationship with Bees Nees Staff. Thank you for supporting McKeough Group in the past with our Reading program, Clean Up Australia Day, Fun Nights, Fundraisers, Coffee for a Cause and McHappy Day. Your community involvement goes a long way. It's always a pleasure to visit your beautiful clean centre, seeing how productive the children have been and how well mannered the children are. We look forward to working closely with you [...]

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Singleton Town Square welcomes our McHappy Readers Program


McKeough Group proudly support the community. Not only does our McHappy Readers Program branch out to all the local School's we're currently open to the public each week. Each Monday you will find or program held at McDonald's Singleton from 10am to 11am and each Tuesday held at Stockland Green Hills from 10am to 12pm. All new members welcome. Free to attend. Today Singleton Shopping Centre have invited our staff to introduce our program from 11am to 2pm. Please stop by and say hello to Mary Jane for reading, craft and free activities planned for the children.

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Reading Program relocate at Stockland Green hills


Join our reading program team of a Tuesday morning 10am to 12pm at Stockland Green hills. Our reading program has been relocated to the court yard near Timezone. Be sure to stop by for story time, craft activities and a voucher. The books that read during our program are donated to local schools, day cares, pre schools and play groups.  

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Books are purchased through Book fair so each School is not only receiving free books from McKeough Group they're also receiving a discount voucher on books from our purchase with book fair. These books are read at our McHappy Readers program at McDonald's Singleton - Monday mornings 10am to 11am and McDonald's food court (Stockland Green hills) - Tuesday mornings 10am to 12pm. After the books have been used at our reading program they're donated to Schools. REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL TODAY!